Gidora offers email marketing solutions for their clients with a powerful frontend editor and preview system.

The business estabilished in Bulgaria is developing an email marketing solution service with a frontend editor and preview system for multiple email platforms as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

We have been contacted to create the brand identity from the initial stage of the business and to make an initial research to define the brand.


  • Brand Identity
  • Landing Page
  • Product / Service Interface

Project Outcome

Satisfied Customer

Upon an successful research and brand identity design, the customer have decided to continue with the design project. We have been given the tasks to create a responsive landing page and to be involved in the development of the interface for their product design.

Delivering Results

The product is still under development and is expected to be release public in third quarter of 2020.

We are currently assisting the product development team with any design adjustments or creation of new assets.